The Truth about Modern Dental health

So many things have improved since ancient times, but according to an article by Tracy Watson for National Geographic, oral health isn't one of them.

“Early humans generally had relatively few cavities, thanks in part to meals that were heavy on the meat, light on the carbs. Then humans invented farming and began eating more grain. Bacteria in the human mouth flourished, pouring out acids that eat away at the teeth. The first farmers tended to have much more tooth decay than hunter-gatherers did.”

Once established, an oral ecosystem full of detrimental bacteria can be very difficult to get rid of.

Not only does poor oral health cause painful trips to the dentist and unwanted facial expressions from people who were attracted to, it also has a huge effect on your digestive health!

To be  full power humans in the 21st century we need to feel great. To feel great we need to get to the root of the problem.

Thankfully, our hunter-gatherer ancestors had another secret weapon that kept their teeth in tip top shape. Early humans cooked all of their food on wood fires, which meant they ate  pieces of Charcoal, ash and grizzle on a regular basis.

Activated charcoal is scientifically proven to:

rebalance PH in an acidic system

pull toxins out of the mouth

Remove colonies of existing bacteria which cause decay and promote ph imbalance.

Remove existing stains from coffee, cigarettes, wine ect..

It is with great pleasure that we add to our wellness line our brand new: All natural, activated coconut charcoal tooth powder!

This simple natural solution is guaranteed to revolutionize your oral health, and at no cost to the environment.

Get ready to reclaim your primal vitality!